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Well its that time of year again, Christmas. The time of year some dread and others can’t wait for. With two children of my own I look forward to it but I can see how some wouldn’t look forward to the holiday season. Trust me…I get it! What to get, who to buy for, and how much to spend?!? No doubt, the holidays are stressful. At Red Hill Cutlery we try to take the worry out of it.

Now I know what you’re thinking, “yeah that’s what all retail stores say”. And “yes” it’s a popular slogan this time of year but seriously why not listen to a family owned-operated business. Some people might think a knife to be a strange gift, but lets break down the argument.

A knife is something 95% of people that carry use EVERYDAY (hence the phrase EDC or Every Day Carry) and its one of those things that

If they have one – they want or could use another.

If they don’t have one – once they start carrying they will be SHOCKED of how often they use it.

They will think of you every time they pull it out of there pocket (which will be often).

I mean “yes” they can be used in self-defense but a knife is so much more than that.


Most of the time when its gift giving season, you give a knife and its used instantly!! Just think of how they wrap toys up now!! All the zip ties, and “theft-proof” plastic.


If your buying a collectible piece, choose something limited in production or something hard to find. The collectible side of this business is truly inspiring. Knives have incredible secondary market value because they are one of the top ten items to collect in America. When purchased by a reputable dealer at regular retail they can increase up to 80% in a matter of years (depending on the economy). We typically recommend items that are numbered, low production run (under 500 made), and made in USA.


They are patriotic, as a good portion of our items are made in USA.

They have great historical reference, for example several Presidents, Founding Fathers, and heroes in our history are KNOWN knife carriers (Daniel Boone, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, General George Patton, Benjamin Franklin, the list goes on and on).


Nostalgia… At a time when people are addicted to the phone, the TV, social media…wouldn’t it be nice to give a gift that reminds them of Grandpa whittling on the porch, or Dad carving into an apple. I’ve said for a long time, that knives are one of the few things in this world that cause a sense of nostalgia and sentimentality. We often hear of the


As opposed to other things you could give they will use and/or toss out the second you leave. Or something they will put up and look at years down the road to think “why do I even have this?”. Guaranteed that won’t happen with a pocket-knife.

So when your needing help this Christmas season…order online, over the phone at 1-800-378-7120 or visit the World Famous RHC Showroom & Museum. We are here to help!

–Josh Basham of Red Hill Cutlery

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