Case XX Select knives are an elite class of Case knives, fashioned not through modern means of mass production, but by the time-honored hand-crafting of skilled American artisans – for no machine has yet been devised that compares to the workmanship of our own master cutlers. Journeyman artisans carefully offset-grind and swedge every blade, give each an extra hand-polishing, and hone it by hand to a razor-sharp edge.

Everything about a Case XX Select knife says “premium quality.” Case XX Select blades are crafted from our highest grade Tru-Sharp surgical steel; double-tested by our own hardening and tempering processes, then stamped with a unique mark reserved only for Case XX Select knives. Liners, bolsters, and pins are fashioned from the highest quality brass and nickel-silver. Each of these components is polished by hand to a luster that’s unmatched by any other manufacturer. All Case XX Select handles are formed from the most coveted materials, such as genuine Abalone, Elk Horn, and exotic hardwoods. The completed knives receive the signature “Case XX Select” artwork on the main blades before receiving an extra hand-polishing. Some Case XX Select knives may sport French or common nail marks or special embellishments like worked backsprings or blades.

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