Bent Wood Mango Sticks


Add Mango flavor to your choice of vodka, whiskey, rum, etc. by adding Bent Wood Mango Flavor Sticks. Put 1 or more sticks into a 750ml bottle of alcohol, wait at least 24 hours, then enjoy your custom flavored drink. The more sticks you add in your drink, the bolder the flavor. You can also add 1-2 sticks to a single serving to your drink of choice and start to enjoy the new custom taste after just a few minutes.

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Create custom flavor profiles for enhanced cocktails, tea, or any of your favorite beverages. The perfect addition to any homebrewer, mixologist, or DIY-ers toolkit.

How it works:
STEP 1. Choose your flavor stick. Mix and match any flavors to create your perfect drinks.

STEP 2. Add sticks to your beverage of choice and let them sit for 24 hours. One stick can flavor 10 oz.

STEP 3. Pop open your bottle, pour a glass and enjoy!