Buck 112 Black LITE Ranger Folding Hunter Knife


Closed length: 4.25”
Comes with a black, polyester sheath.
Made in the USA.
BLADE LENGTH:3″ (7.62 cm)
WEIGHT:2.5 oz (70.87 g)
Made in the USA

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Back in the 1960’s, the famous 110 Folding Hunter could be found on a lot of sailor’s belts in the Navy. A fight between sailors resulted in a captain issuing a decree that knives carried could not have a blade length of a certain size. The 110 ended up being too long, so Buck Knives took the initiative and created the Ranger, a version of the 110 with a shorter blade.

A modern twist to the Ranger, the new light version closely resembles the well-built Ranger but with a decrease in weight, making this version easy to carry. Utilizing the same famous steel, the heavy bolster and handles were replaced with a lightweight molded nylon to reduce weight while maintaining the same quality and rigidity.