Lucky Shot .50 Caliber Bullet Bottle Opener Police


Bullet bottle opener made from a genuine, once fired 50 caliber BMG casing and engraved with the text “POLICE”

The 50 Cal BMG (Browning machine gun) is best known for its use in the U.S. Military’s heavy machine guns. Due to its high power, it’s also used as a sniper round and for disabling lightly-armored vehicles. Crack open a  cold one like a BOSS!


The Shark 50 Cal. BMG Bullet Bottle Opener is made from a a real once fired bullet shell casing and is fitted with an aluminum tip that has been cut perfectly to open any capped bottled beverage.

These decommissioned bullets are safe because they do not contain any active gun powder or primer. They will not explode and they cannot be reused in a gun. Due to the fact that they look like the real thing, it is wise to leave them at home when you are planning on flying or going to school.

All of our items are made from genuine once fired shell casings and may contain minor blemishes or scratches consistent with their history. Made in USA


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