Spyderco Grey BaliYo Butterfly Flip Pen


Overall Length: 4.25″
Overall Width: 0.4″ (closed)
Pen Material: Polymer
Pen Ink: Blue
Handle Material: Polymer
Weight: 0.9 oz.

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You’ve seen the original BaliYo by Spyderco. Since the introduction, we received an overwhelming response. Based on customer feedback Spyderco is proud to announce a new alternative to the original. The BaliYo comes with all the same creative motion and dynamics as offered by the original. The pen features blue ink and the arms are slightly angular with stainless pivots, rings and clips that compliment the sleek black body. All of the refined symmetry and weight ratios allow for great spins, flips and twirls. Compact, hanging package includes a pictured instruction sheet for basic tricks. Made in China.


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