Victorinox Swiss Army Autumn Spirit Ranger Grip 55


Meet our newest addition to the Ranger Grip family, the Ranger Grip 55 Autumn Spirit Special Edition 2019. Inspired by the beautiful autumnal hues, the Ranger Grip 55 Autumn Spirit features an olive camouflage paracord pendant that is perfectly complemented by the orange and black dual density handles. With safety in mind, the two-component scales are designed to fit perfectly into the contour of your hand, offering a superior grip, while the large blade locks securely in place during use. The 4.2″ wood saw is adept at handling any wood related challenge thrown at it. From chopping and splitting, to carving and sawing, this knife handles it all with ease. With elements such as a can opener, corkscrew, and bottle opener you’ll always have the right tool for any situation.

Height 0.9 in
Length 5.1 in
Weight 6 oz


Ranger Grip 55 Autumn Spirit Special Edition 2019

Limited to 10,000 pieces worldwide
Includes olive camo paracord pendant
Orange and black two-component handle

1. Lock Blade
2. Can Opener with
3. – Small Screwdriver
4. Bottle Opener with
5. – Screwdriver, Lockable
6. – Wire Stripper
7. Wood Saw
8. Reamer, Punch
9. Corkscrew
10. Key Ring
11. Tweezers
12. Toothpick
13. Paracord Pendant


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