Victorinox Swiss Army Bacon Tinker


Whether you like yours’s crispy or chewy, who doesn’t LOVE bacon!?!  Red Hill Cutlery teamed up with Victorinox to create these Limited Run Exclusive Swiss Army knives. Only can be found at RHC


The 3 ½ inch Swiss Army Knife Tinker was designed to be slim and lightweight, it easily slips into a pocket to be called upon when any number of appropriate tasks present itself. As a mainstay in our Swiss Army Knife collection, we know it will become the same to yours.

Lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defects.


  1. bottle opener
  2. wire stripper
  3. large blade
  4. key ring
  5. small blade
  6. Phillips screwdriver
  7. toothpick
  8. large screwdriver
  9. reamer
  10. tweezers

**PLEASE NOTE: The handle material is durable ABS/Celidor with artwork.