Victorinox Swiss Army Tiger Orange Alox Pioneer X


Height 0.6 in
Length 3.7 in
Weight 3.3 oz

  • Handle Material: TIGER ORANGE Alox
  • 2021 Limited Edition
  • Made in Switzerland


For the latest Limited Edition of 2021, the Pioneer X Alox has a radical new look, adorned with a revitalizing tiger orange shade that symbolizes power, enthusiasm and excitement. Slip this latest iteration of our multi-function knife into your pocket and channel the spirit of the big cat: stealthy, confident and ready for snipping, filing or cutting. Featuring high-grade Alox scales, enhanced for durability and resilience, it will bring out the tiger in you.

  • Limited Edition pocket knife in new powerful tiger orange
  • Swiss made aluminum scales, embossed and anodized for durability
  • Collectible model with the year 2021 printed on the back

1. Large blade
2. Reamer, punch
3. Can opener with
4. – Small screwdriver
5. Bottle opener with
6. – Screwdriver
7. – Wire stripper
8. Scissors
9. Key ring