The Office Knife Re-Birth

The Office Knife Re-Birth

A pattern and design used by almost every knife factory; the Office knife is a desired collectible in collections lucky enough to find one. Most Office knives were equipped with one or two blades, and had synthetic yellowish or ivory colored handle scales. Some used bone scales, but each company that created these useful tools had their own unique take and etch of the “OFFICE KNIFE” logo.

When the owner of RHC, Lonnie Basham, saw the new 79 patterns from American knife manufacturer Bear & Son Cutlery, his first thought was the OFFICE KNIFE! The Bear & Son 79 is an improved version of the 2 blade 79 Pen Knife from the 80’s & 90’s.  This single blade version features a lanyard hole and screw together construction. The Taper Ground 2-1/4″ Drop Point Blade is made from High Carbon Stainless Steel, making it rust resistant, easy to sharpen, and will hold an edge exceptionally well. The Bear & Son 79 has a nail nick present to open the blade. The Bear & Son 79 has an overall length of 6″ and is a good size to fit in the pocket. The 79 weighs 2.2 ounces and is proudly made in the USA.

After several tries to recreate this pattern with other knife companies, once Red Hill saw Bear’s take on the pen knife, we jumped at the opportunity. Lonnie’s son, Josh Basham, was given the task to reimagine the Office knife scroll works of the past and put a modern twist to match the modern functionality and look of the 79 patterns. The end result has knife conseurs far and wide flocking to the pages of Red Hill’s site and store to purchase these vintage designs.

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