TOPS Black Canvas Micarta Szabo Express


Blade Finish: Black Cerakote
Blade Length: 5.63 in.
Cutting Edge: 5.25 in.
Blade Steel: 1095 Carbon
Blade Thickness: .160 in.
Handle Material: Black Canvas Micarta
Knife Style: Fixed Blade
Knife Weight: 7.5 oz
Origin: USA
Overall Length: 10.38 in.
Rockwell Hardness: 56-58 HRC
Sheathing: Kydex
Tang: Full
Designer: Laci Szabo

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Large, but nimble. Laci has been designing user-focused knives and tools for many years with a high emphasis on military and law enforcement items. TOPS is already producing two of his models (US Combat Knife and Felony Stop).TOPS’ 3rdmodel from Laci, the Szabo Express is an excellent large self-defense knife that he designed to carry especially when he can’t carry a firearm for protection. Single or double-edged, with an extra grippy handle, this knife is deceptively light and quick for its size, and still possible to carry concealed for those that must.

By the time Laci designed the Express he had been carrying large folders for self-defense in his waistband for years, sometimes overseas for security details, where firearms were not allowed. His goal was to bridge the gap between a large folder and a small fixed blade. In his words:“ After attempting to use my folder in several emergencies, and having to use both hands to open the blade, even though I could open it with a flick of the wrist, at home… I realized I needed to design a fixed blade. Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to bring everybody down to my martial level. I’m sure there are bad asses out there that can flip open a butterfly knife in a life-or-death situation… not me. I need to rely on gross motor skills every time. A fixed blade knife is inherently stronger and more reliable than a folder, especially for combat. It does not require fine motor skills to be deployed. This is with that state of mind that I designed the Szabo Express.” The Express was designed as a fighter, not as a utility knife. It is not meant to pry a door open, or to dig a trench. The width of the blade is necessary to provide adequate wound cavity from a thrust. The ergonomic handle ensures proper grip retention in both saber and reverse grip, and the thickness of the blade, 5/32”, makes the Express extremely sharp while maintaining its strength.

“I had been carrying the Express on and off duty for years until I showed it to Leo at Tops Knives who immediately liked it. Tops did a great job with the Express, it is safe to say the Tops Express is at least as good as the custom version.”