Meet The Family

Meet The Family

Thanks for visiting Kentucky’s Largest Cutlery Dealer & Showroom, Red Hill Cutlery.

We hope that you find everything you’re looking for and if you need any additional help or have any questions or comments please feel free to call us anytime during our hours of business.

Established in 2004, Red Hill Cutlery was an addition of our parent company, Basham Lumber Company Incorporated, which has been family owned and operated since 1963. Basham Lumber was founded by Louis “Junior” Basham and now owned and operated by his son, Lonnie Basham, since 1992.

We started selling knives in the late nineties with a small single panel Case Knife display that held 6-8 different knives. We sold out quickly, we followed with a larger display that held 30-40 knives which also became a big hit. As our display got bigger and bigger so did our business, and in the fall of 2004, we unveiled our new showroom. Lonnie’s love for the cutlery business quickly spread to both of his sons, Jason and Josh, who now manage Red Hill Cutlery in hopes of continuing a long lasting family legacy in the cutlery business. Always willing to learn something new about the business and share it with others will keep our company going long into the future.

“Our Dad has taught us many things about the business through the years, but on will always stay with us” says Josh Basham; “the only thing a family business has to offer is customer service, people can go anywhere to shop, but you have to make them want to shop with you.”

That is the foundation that Red Hill Cutlery was built on and thats just what we plan on doing, selling the best knives at the best prices with a hands on approach that sets us apart from the competition providing you with the best customer service we can offer!

From Our Family to Yours, Thanks for All the Business and Continued Support to Red Hill Cutlery.

– Josh Basham

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