Tom Krein is a full-time knifemaker with a shop in Gentry, Arkansas. He says, “By the time I was a teenager I knew I wanted to make my own knives. I read every book and magazine I could find on knives and knifemaking, but it wasn’t until 1994 that I successfully completed my first knife. Twelve knives later I knew this was an occupation I wanted to pursue. My first taste of real knifemaking started with sweeping the floor in Bob Dozier’s shop. The three years I spent with Bob was like getting a degree in knifemaking. This proved a valuable experience when I later worked for A.G. Russell in their custom shop. In my personal experience, both making and using knives, I have adopted the idea that form must follow function in a knife. My knives are characterized by simple clean lines, ergonomic handles and thinly ground blades. In my experience as a Registered Nurse and ER trauma nurse for 13 years I have learned a lot about anatomy, ergonomics and how the body works. This has had an influence on how I shape my handles and design my knives.”

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