The James Brand Black on Black The Palmer


With a patent-pending mechanism and a slim form, The Palmer sets a new standard in utility knife convenience. An aluminum body keeps it light. A lanyard gives you carrying options. A variety of colors keep it fun. It’s sized to sit discreetly in the coin pocket of your jeans with a shape and feel that rests comfortably in your hand. It’s our first major release in nearly a year, and we are super excited about it.

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More tool than knife, the classic utility knife gets used for stuff that you wouldn’t necessarily do with a favorite pocketknife. With this in mind, we’ve created The Palmer. It packs all the utility of the classic box cutter including replaceable blades into a refined design that sits comfortably in your hand and pocket. Ripping open a box. Slicing through tape. Sharpening a pencil. How many times in a day do you need a small but capable blade for getting little stuff done? If you’re like us, it happens a lot. The Palmer is the solution. It’s the ultimate everyday utility knife.