World’s Largest Pocketknife Iron-On Patch


Famous World’s Largest Pocketknife at Red Hill Cutlery artwork adorned on this 2.5″ x 3.5″ iron-on patch and postcard set. The Perfect souvenir from the Knife Capital of Kentucky, Radcliff!!

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Red Hill Cutlery in Radcliff, “The Knife Capital of Kentucky” exclusively commissioned this limited run of souvenirs¬† in honor of the WORLD’S LARGEST POCKETKNIFE. These limited number of souvenirs were produced in likeness of the one displayed at Red Hill Cutlery’s store & museum. The actual World’s Largest Pocketknife weighs in at over 6,200 lbs of American Steel, with a blade length of over 17.5 ft, complete with a 2019 tang stamp in honor of the year it was dedicated and completed.