Hard Work Pays Off

Hard Work pays off,

With any family business it takes a lot of “butting-heads” but in the end we are always family. This past weekend of events, from the Case Knife Show to the amazing concert featuring Allie Colleen, Ben Haggard, and Billy Ray Cyrus, is a prime example of a family working together with their community to bring the local community entertainment they have been in desperate need of. This past weekend’s Bourbon & Blades event went better than expected. It was a safe fun atmosphere for the whole family and don’t worry it won’t be the last.

As any event of this magnitude, it couldn’t not have been possible without the help of our sponsors and local teams. Red Hill Cutlery would like to thank JJ Duvall and the City of Radcliff, WR Case & Sons Cutlery, Boundary Oak Distillery, Country Boy Brewing, Radcliff Police and Fire, Basham Lumber Company, Radcliff Public Works, The Cecilian Bank, Brandenburg Telecom, Radcliff City Council, Radcliff/Fort Knox Tourism, Hampton Inn of Radcliff, Barry Saylor of Subway, Colton’s Steakhouse, the entire Red Hill Sales Team, BIG CAT, The News Enterprise, C & C Portables, Phillips Brother Construction, our Local Boy Scout group, all the great food vendors, and of course the crowd who came out to support this community.

This event was a massive undertaking for us and two people deserve individual recognition, Jason Basham was the engineer behind this crazy train, as well as the boss man himself Lonnie Basham. Without the vision of both of these two tremendous leaders, this event couldn’t have been a success. From parking to booking, to layouts and advertising, these two guys took the beatings and kept on ticking to pull of a record sales day, and record crowd here at Red Hill Cutlery.

But don’t worry, after Saturday’s late night for us, we took Sunday off, and then Monday morning the wheels were put in motion for BOURBON AND BLADES 2022 Saturday September 17, 2022!!!


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  1. Definitely a great Job on the part of all those you mentioned. I don’t remember any event locally that had so many “moving parts” that covered so much real estate and involved so many people since I initially arrived here 54 years ago. This was complex and if there were any flaws, they were unnoticeable to those on the outside looking in, myself included. I’m looking forward to the next version of this in the fall of 2022.

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