Rebirth of Canal Street Cutlery: Quality over Quantity

Rebirth of Canal Street Cutlery: Quality over Quantity

It came as a shock to Canal Street Cutlery fans when the prominent brand closed their doors in the late 2015. The brand was quickly gaining momentum with collectors.  The offerings of quality traditional pocket knives with extra care and attention to detail was introducing their exquisite brand to enthusiasts, new and old.  But due to several unexpected deaths within the company, CSC had no other choice but to call it quits. When operating with the level of experience that CSC was accustomed to, it was a huge disadvantage when they lost half of their already limited staff to tragic deaths. They could not forfeit the quality craftsmanship to new inexperienced staff.

After three years, Canal Street President, Wally Gardiner has salvaged his popular brand and decided to relaunch Canal Street Cutlery Co-Op. With less than 5 master cutlers able to make 5/6 knives daily, Canal Street will be returning Fall of 2018 with a very limited but collectible selection of traditional patterns. “We are now officially Canal Street Cutlery Co-Op. We changed our name to facilitate other cutlery factory workers who might want to join us,” states Wally.

Wally continued, “It’s no surprise that pocket knife manufacturers are having a very difficult time manufacturing pocket knives as it takes as many as 20+ parts of seven different materials.   Each operation is special-from polishing bolsters to counter sinking the master blade pin.” He continued “Steel is special.  We will be using two blade steels, 154CM and 1095HC, for the folks who live in the Southwest.”

When Canal Street Cutlery was created in 2005, their first order was with Red Hill Cutlery. So, it is no surprise that when they decided to start production again, Wally called Lonnie Basham, President/Founder of Red Hill Cutlery. “We started our business with Red Hill, the whole Basham clan! We have made 10 different knives all unique. We have limited capacity but we can back up at least two or three knives, each of these beautiful collectables,” Wally said. It is with great enthusiasm that we announce the “Rebirth” of Canal Street Cutlery Co-Op, starting out exclusive to Red Hill Cutlery.

The initial CSC Co-Op patterns are going to be the Pinch and Squeeze Lockback, Moonpie Trapper, Boys Knife, and more to patterns to follow in a variety of low production run handle materials.

Be sure to watch for further pictures and pricing on the new products because these will be very limited runs starting out. We know from experience they will sell out quick, so call and reserve yours now.

Thank you Wally Gardiner, for bringing back a true quality pocketknife made in America

21 thoughts on “Rebirth of Canal Street Cutlery: Quality over Quantity”

  1. I have always loved their designs and quality knives. Grest collector quality knives.

    I have 12 pocket knives and 8 fixed blades.
    I sure am glad they are coming back into production. Really looking forward to seeing them again.

    1. I saw some of the boys knives from the previous run ,they ever out standing,get me on the list for the next run,thanks very much
      Steven patterson

    1. I am with you Tony! I have been waiting patiently for Wally to get this kick started and it looks like it’s going to happen!

      How do I get on a list of automatic buyers? I am willing to stand up front and purchase one of everything they make!


  2. This is outstanding news!
    I agree that they are among the finest knives that I own!
    I second the request for a reissue of Eric’s Jack.

  3. Great news, it feels like an old friend coming home. American craftsmanship at it finest. How about some more Swell Center Jacks.

  4. I wish these knives had their own Canal Street Co-op tang stamp to differentiate them from the original Canal Street Cutlery knives. With the limited production numbers, these knives will be much more rare and a different tang stamp would be very useful in establishing the difference.

  5. Hi, Red Hill.

    Former resident of Ulster County NY with its long and notable knife-making tradition. Let me know when/what Canal Street becomes available.

    Thanks, Curt

  6. I have always been a big fan of CSC, and so happy to see that they are again available, although I missed out on the re-introduction/rebirth.
    Please keep me apprised of the line’s availability, and I promise to continue to support CSC.
    Thank you!
    Stan T.
    Ballwin, MO.

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