Lincoln’s Boundary Oak Commemorative

The Boundary Oak Tree was approximately 195 years old and until its death, the great white oak remained the “last living link” to Abraham Lincoln and was of considerable historic interest and value.

Brent Goodin, Master Distiller at Boundary Oak Distillery acquired a couple surviving large slabs of the housed tree from the Lincoln Museum in Hodgenville to be used as a limited cork on his no famous Lincoln Straight Bourbon Wheat.

It was through this partnership Red Hill Cutlery was able to acquire the unusable discarded pieces for use in this special project. With over two years in the making were proud to offer this rare piece of history to the

A keepsake directly associated with our 16th and greatest president; this Peanut adorned with a scale from this nationally historic tree. It also has mirror polished Tru-Sharp surgical steel blades. Comes
limited to 50 pieces. And packaged in a one-of-a-kind wall mount wooden glassed display case depicting the art from a 1940 postcard of this beloved tree. A silhouette of Kentucky’s favorite son stands proudly in front of the marker of his childhood home.

Exclusively offered through Red Hill Cutlery in Radcliff Kentucky. Only 50 was produced of this rare piece of American History.

While Supplies Last – Get yours HERE

To Learn more about this amazing project, check the News Enterprise article on the endeavor HERE

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